Training programs offered by Kaminsky Mediation Consulting are customized to meet the needs of your organization. We will consult with you to determine the most appropriate content and methods to maximize your learning experience.

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Below is a sample of programs that will be of interest to a diversity of businesses, government institutions, professional associations, academic institutions, new and practicing mediators, attorneys, and the general public.

Five Failures of Mediation ... and What Mediators Can Do About It

Although settlement rates may be high, the level of satisfaction by individual parties to mediation may be at an all-time low. Accounts of the mediation process and its outcome described by first time users of mediation indicate disappointment and unfulfilled expectations. Why is mediation failing to meet its potential?

This one day workshop will identify the issues leading to unfulfilled expectations and further develop the skills necessary for all those engaged in mediation (parties, attorneys, and mediators) to reach agreements where satisfaction is experienced by all.

Mediator Training for Today's Workplace

Professional mediators are skilled in problem solving and utilize their expertise by assisting others in managing conflict and resolving disputes. This same skill set can be applied in the workplace by all employees, including supervisors and senior level managers. By identifying conflict in its early stages, common workplace situations can be prevented from escalating into significant disputes. The net effect is a more productive work environment and a more satisfied workforce that also benefits by using their newly learned skills in their personal lives.

Learn mediation skills that will produce satisfying outcomes, in a highly interactive 3-day training program that focuses on mediator skill development; negotiation techniques; problem solving skills; and communication models for conflict prevention. By participating in small group exercises and role plays you will practice and enhance these newly honed skills.

Conflict Management Skills for 21st Century Start-Ups

Conflict is neither bad nor good. It occurs in all environments including the evolving contemporary workplace. How we manage conflict and ultimately the processes we use to resolve them determines the positive or negative impact it has on successfully achieving the goals of the emerging company.

This one day program will focus on understanding and managing conflict in new work environments; approaches to conflict; conflict styles; distinguishing between conflicts that can be effectively managed and disputes that must be resolved; and techniques that will enhance your problem solving abilities in the workplace.

Communication Skills for Effective Problem Solving

The essential cornerstone for effective problem solving is communicating in ways that encourage all sides to continue working on the issue. When communications cease the opportunity to collectively problem solve ends as well. This one day interactive program will focus on real-world skill development that will provide participants tools for becoming more effective in problem solving in all environments. Our focus will include: ways to effectively format questions; methods of responding to questions; active listening for effective conflict resolution; and techniques for facilitating communication.

Negotiation Skills for Mutual Benefit

Constructing a contract; purchasing a car; managing a project; creating a family budget, all include levels of negotiation. Some negotiations are with people we know very well and others involve complete strangers. How can you approach each distinct negotiation in a way that allows you to achieve what you want while permitting all others involved to also meet their goal?

Turn adversarial interactions into mutually beneficial relationships. This one day journey into the multifaceted world of negotiation will introduce you to ways of identifying your interests and reaching your goals while all others involved in the negotiation do the same. Learn how to do this and practice the techniques in this highly interactive session.

Five Failures of Mediation ... and What Mediators Can Do About It

Free audio recording of a presentation to the Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute and the Association of Conflict Resolution.

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