• Mediation
    • In-house programs – mediation skills are developed and practiced; customized to meet the needs of your work environment
    • Mediator /Manager programs – designed for people who provide supervision in the workplace and all others who manage time and competing responsibilities
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques – for everyone who wants to master the skills needed for
    effective management and resolution of business, workplace, family and individual conflicts
  • Communication Skills for Effective Problem Solving – for all who wish to acquire the foundation blocks needed for managing and resolving problems in personal, family, community and business relationships
  • Negotiation – designed for those seeking to learn techniques that produce mutually beneficial outcomes


Organizational Dispute Resolution Consulting

Working together with corporate and organizational leaders, determine the optimal means for effective dispute resolution. We assist in the design of the organizational plan; develop measures of success and evaluation tools; plan appropriate training for the launch of the new initiative; and facilitate the training. Following the implementation of the internal dispute resolution plan, we provide guidance on individual cases; the appropriateness of different forms of external dispute resolution; risk/benefit analysis; and selection of external neutrals.

Mediation Consulting

Working with clients and their representatives in mediation or considering mediation we assist in identifying underlying issues, transforming positions into interests, exploring best alternatives, and developing strategies for working effectively within the mediation process.

Coaching and Mentoring

Utilizing a broad perspective of national, international, and cross-cultural conflict resolution strategies we explore, nurture, and enhance skill development and opportunities for professional growth.